🧿Looking Ahead to 2024🧿

Earlier this year I officially changed my business name to Radiant Roots! To that end, I’ve also changed my business email to radiantrootsstudio@gmail.com -AND- I am working slowly on transitioning my website over to this domain name, too.

In the meantime, in the year still ahead I’m looking forward to at least 1 – 2 more dreadlock artist adventures where I get to meet and (hopefully) work with some other artists like myself this year. Including one BIG one in October that is kind of a BIG deal! But more about that as time gets closer. (If you’re following me on Instagram you’ve probably seen a couple things about it already!)

🥂Looking Towards 2024🥂

Now for the less exciting but definitely important news: With the turning of a new year it’s time for me to look at adjusting my pricing once again to reflect both increased cost of living (WHEW, have you gone grocery shopping lately?!) AND my ever-expanding experience and skill in my art. Last year brought a BIG raise to play catch up so I could be charging comparably to other artists. Price is not a point I want to compete on — I want you to see me because you love my work. Not because I’m undervaluing myself. 😜 So here is a quick list of the increases that will be coming January 1st, 2024:

All specialty services are having minor price raises as well. Visit the Pricing (https://www.radiantrootsstudio.biz/pricing/) page on my website to see the full list!

🔮Online Magick Shop Updates!🔮

I shared a bunch of new stuff I am making in my last big newsletter but there are a few new things I’ve added since then that I wanted to share with you while I have you here!

  • Merch Updates! I have officially moved ALL of my merch and sticker/t-shirt designs, etc to my Magick & Merch shop on Etsy! This design pictured here is my favorite, but go check it out to choose the one that you love the most!
  • New Product Scents I am now making loc oil that is made to be easily absorbed (no residue!) Each one has a different scent and magickal intention. They are created under the appropriate moon phase and contain crystals and herbs. They truly are a whole experience to use! Current available scents are Protection, Prosperity, Vision, and Euphoria!
  • Hair Magick Spell Kits I was already offering Sabbat ritual hair magick kits, but I have now added spell kits based on whatever your magickal intention is! Intentions and varieties available include Protection, Prosperity, Happiness, Self Love, and Passion.
  • Custom Sigil Beads I am also now offering custom, personal power sigil beads (10mm hole). We consult to determine what imagery and symbolism will work best and I bring it into reality in the form of a wearable sigil for your locks!
  • Lock Veiling Rings Veiling is the practice of wearing something on your head or in your hair for psychic protection or devotion to a deity. I created these loc ring accessories for veiling that are both magickal and beautiful! Currently I have an Elemental Power and Rainbow Chakra design available made to order!

I have also just added an option for CUSTOM Veiling Rings if you have an idea about a design you’d like made specially just for you! And, soon, I hope to add a True Love Lock Oil to my offerings as well. And SOMEday… when I have “free” time, I keep telling myself I’ll create more wraps and add those to the online shop too. 😅

If you’ve read this far, thank you so much for hanging in here with me! This all said, I look forward to hearing from you and thank you as always for your amazing love, loyalty, and support!




TL;DR — In case you just scrolled down to the bottom because you couldn’t handle this wall of text, here is the highlight reel:

🧿 I’m offering appointments some Saturday mornings from September 2023 thru December 2023 at a premium rate of $180/hr! (Only available to folks on this list and existing clients!) REPLY to this email to claim an opening while they last!

🧿 With the impending new year, so again comes a price raise. Maintenance is going up to $90/hr (but regulars get a loyalty discount!)

🧿 I’ve added some new fun stuff to my Magick Shop on Etsy so be sure to check it out and SHOP NOW>>