Tarot & Divination Readings

For generations the women on my mother’s side of my family have been gifted with the ability to see the future and glean information through dreaming and the sacred, ancient art of divination. I have been studying the art of tarot since 2005 including teaching it to others since 2018. I also use runes which I have been working with since 2018 as well. I am always looking for new and exciting modalities that tap into the power of my ancestral lineage as well.

It is important to know that most divinatory systems do not “tell the future” so much as they offer probabilities and possibilities based on your current trajectories. Tarot in particular is an amazingly effective tool for broadening your perspectives allowing you to integrate all of the factors influencing your life at any given moment, giving YOU the power to make choices that best serve your own personal growth and transformation.

Tarot and divination services can be booked either in-person OR virtually. It can be done as a separate service or as an add-on to your dreadlock appointments.


Tarot Readings  $40 for 15 minutes
$60 for 30 minutes
Rune Readings  $40 for 15 minutes

In addition to these services, I also offer to turn your ENTIRE appointment into a ceremony or ritual through my Wyrd Weaving services including a tarot/divination reading. What is “wyrd“? Wyrd a concept in Anglo-Saxon culture roughly translating to fate or personal destiny. Wyrd “Weaving” is a modern ritualization of the locking process that allows you to more deeply experience and honor your personal intentions and reasons for locking your hair.

Wyrd Weaving Sessions are incredibly taxing and energy-intensive for me. So, the hourly rates are significantly higher than my standard services. (Learn more about Wyrd Weaving HERE!)


Wyrd Weaving (Partial Dreadlocks) $500 for the first 2 hrs, $135/each addnt’l hr
$220 per hour w/ “flow” extensions
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Wyrd Weaving (New Dreadlocks) $900 for the first 4 hrs, $135/each addnt’l hr
$220 per hour w/ “flow” extensions
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Wyrd Weaving (Dreadlock Maintenance) $125/hr
$200 per hour w/ “flow” extensions
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