Dreadlock Maintenance Price Estimate

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IF YOU ARE AN EXISTING CLIENT, please e-mail us directly as the form below is for NEW clients only and may or may not give an accurate estimate for repeat clients. (OR visit our Appointment Scheduler page if you know how long of an appointment you need already!)

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    >> If you're interested in extensions, the technique used by Raging Roots involves weaving the hair at the end of your existing locks into the hair of the extensions, so if your locks are too dense, extensions may not be an option (without the use of adhesives, which we absolutely do NOT recommend). Measuring about 2″ from the end of your locks, what is the largest size object you can **EASILY** stick through your locks? (Required; select one.)

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    Please note that I am a one-person operation and can only work so many hours a week! Please allow 5 – 7 business days for a response to your estimate form before contacting me.