Dreadlock Products

What products you choose or not use on your dreadlocks is literally one of the single most important decisions you will make about how you care for your locks. It is a greatly undervalued factor that many professionals, even, overlook. Please be sure to thorough read through each section so you know what you can use safely on your precious locs!

A general rule of thumb is this: If it isn’t water soluble, don’t use it in or on dreadlocks!

Recommended Shampoo List

  I spend a significant amount of time answering DMs, in-person queries, and emails and one of the most common questions people ask is “Is —[insert product brand/name here]– good to use on dreads?” Well, I’ve put together a list of shampoos that I either think are good, bad, OR we’re undecided on. The “undecided” list … Read more

Shampoos & Soaps

If you are going to have dreadlocks you should be prepared to invest in (or make) a shampoo that is made specifically for dreadlocks. What is used to wash the dreadlocks is perhaps simultaneously one of the most important yet most neglected aspect of dreadlock care on other websites/dreadlock resources. So, we’ve put together a comprehensive database/reference … Read more

Locking Gels & Sprays

Locking gels and sprays usually are intended to help accelerate the locking process and/or help to tame frizz and create a cleaner appearance. However, these potential aids have just as many pitfalls as shampoo and must be approached with much caution. The general rule of thumb is, as always, if it isn’t water soluble you … Read more

Locking Powders

Powders usually contain ingredients that do one major thing: dry the hair of any oil or moisture to aid and expedite the placement or maintenance of dreadlocks. Powders may be especially helpful for novices who don’t have much experience with dreading hair as it can help expedite the process and encourage the hair to knot … Read more


The companies out there that sell dreadlock wax products and tout them as being the “only” way to lock up silky, Caucasian hair types and claim that regular washing with shampoo will remove dreadlock wax. However, by the very facts alone that wax is insoluble and hydrophobic suggests the exact opposite. This doesn’t even take into consideration that the highest that the typical hot water heater is set to is 120°F; the temperature at which even just seconds of exposure will scald the burn the skin severely. (Ten minutes of exposure at 120°F water will create third degree burns!)


Often over time dreadlocks can become dry and brittle, because it is not recommended to use shampoos with residue that otherwise might “condition” and coat them preventing or stunting the locking process. For this reason, many choose to “condition” their locks. However, the methods by which one can or should condition dreadlocks is extremely dependent … Read more