Dreadlock Updos

Sometimes you just need to look a little extra fancy, be it for a wedding, graduation, concert, or just to go out for a special night on the town! Raging Roots is now, officially, offering dreadlock updo services! All updo appointments require consultation ahead of time.

Price: $25 – $90 (depending on complexity) Price effective as of January 2024.

We encourage updo clients to find photos of updo’s that show what type of style they are looking for. (Please note, however, that no two updos are exactly the same so we cannot recreate the same EXACT style!)

Additionally, some updos may require the creation of synthetic hair pieces to give the illusion of more dreadlocks/volume. For these types of updos we may require a 3 -4 week period between making your appointment reservation and the appointment itself.