Reiki & Energy Healing

Modern medicine has placed a disconnect between the mind and body and the spirit when it comes to our health and well-being. Ancient healing touch modalities all share the perspective that true health and wholeness first must occur on the non-physical planes of the body (such as the “aura”) as the physical world is but a tangible manifestation of those intangible aspects of ourselves. Energy healing helps to restore the body to wholeness to promote relaxation and healing on all levels of existence; physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual.

I (Avani) have been a Reiki practitioner since 2006. I received my Master attunement in 2008. I’ve also studied Shamanic Healing techniques and Intuitive Energy Healing techniques in addition to further attunement as a Master in Violet Flame Reiki in 2023. I am always studying independently to learn more about the Healing Touch beliefs and practices of my ancestors in Old Europe to tap into the power of ancestral magick as well.

In a space where I am already working so deeply inside my clients’ personal space, it is only natural that energy healing work would be a perfect addition to the magick of weaving hair to provide not only beauty and authenticity in appearance, but also health and wellness internally as well! All healing services can be booked separately OR added on to dreadlock/hair magick services.


Dreadlock Energy Cleansing
(includes dreadlocks & crown/third eye area)
$40 (Book Now!)
Intuitive Energy/Reiki Healing Session
(Can be booked in-person OR virtually!)
30 minutes for $60; 1 hour for $120 (Book Now!)

In addition to these services, I also offer to turn your ENTIRE dreadlock appointment into a ceremony or ritual including energy healing work through my Wyrd Weaving services. What is “wyrd“? Wyrd a concept in Anglo-Saxon culture roughly translating to fate or personal destiny. Wyrd “Weaving” is a modern ritualization of the locking process that allows you to more deeply experience and honor your personal intentions and reasons for locking your hair.

Wyrd Weaving Sessions are incredibly taxing and energy-intensive for me. So, the hourly rates are significantly higher than my standard services. (Learn more about Wyrd Weaving HERE!)


Wyrd Weaving (Partial Dreadlocks) $500 for the first 2 hrs, $135/each addnt’l hr
$220 per hour w/ “flow” extensions
(Get an estimate!)
Wyrd Weaving (New Dreadlocks) $900 for the first 4 hrs, $135/each addnt’l hr
$220 per hour w/ “flow” extensions
(Get an estimate!)
Wyrd Weaving (Dreadlock Maintenance) $125/hr
$200 per hour w/ “flow” extensions
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