Hair Magick

The process of cutting, changing, weaving, decorating or knotting the hair inherent lends itself perfectly and seamlessly to the Great Work of making magick. Wikipedia succinctly describes magick as “an ancient practice rooted in rituals, spiritual divinations, and/or cultural lineage—with an intention to invoke, manipulate, or otherwise manifest supernatural forces, beings, or entities in the natural world.”

Magick typically requires the raising or gathering of energy which is then intentionally invested or imbued into an object or action to create change and transformation. The time and space required for working with dreadlocks is the ideal environment to do just that.

All the hair magick services I offer allow us to collectively, as a team, work together to create the magickal spark to alchemize the transformation and positive change you want to see and experience in your life and along your personal spiritual journey.  Many of these services are also available in their “signature” form without energy work if that is your preference, too.


Hair Magick Spell
(a single hair/lock wrap made with intention and magick)
$40 each
Intentional Dreadlock Decoration Session
Most beads and fiber/ribbon/string included in this price! Feel free to bring special pieces from home to incorporate.
Mini Session (~5 wraps + beads) – $125
Full Session (~10 wraps + beads) – $250


In addition to these services, I also offer to turn your ENTIRE appointment into a ceremony or ritual through my Wyrd Weaving services. What is “wyrd“? Wyrd a concept in Anglo-Saxon culture roughly translating to fate or personal destiny. Wyrd “Weaving” is a modern ritualization of the locking process that allows you to more deeply experience and honor your personal intentions and reasons for locking your hair.

Wyrd Weaving Sessions are incredibly taxing and energy-intensive for me. So, the hourly rates are significantly higher than my standard services. (Learn more about Wyrd Weaving HERE!)


Wyrd Weaving (Partial Dreadlocks) $500 for the first 2 hrs, $135/each addnt’l hr
$220 per hour w/ “flow” extensions
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Wyrd Weaving (New Dreadlocks) $900 for the first 4 hrs, $135/each addnt’l hr
$220 per hour w/ “flow” extensions
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Wyrd Weaving (Dreadlock Maintenance) $125/hr
$200 per hour w/ “flow” extensions
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