Braiding Aftercare

Moisturizing for Braids Washing Box Braids Caring for Cornrows Sleeping on Your Braids


When braided the hair can lose a lot of moisture. Between that and the lack of scalp stimulation that comes from having the hair braided, it can create itchy scalp, dry scalp, and be extremely uncomfortable! Using store bought sprays for braids are a good way to help keep the moisture in. You can also make your own at home. For store bought sprays I would recommend African Prince Olive Miracle Spray and/or Pony Tail Mane Stay Braid Spray. Alternatively you can make your own braid spray using our Homemade Braid Remedy Spray.


(This is primarily for synthetic braid extensions and block braids)

We recommend a good rinse no more than every week and a half. What you will need is:

  • Spray bottle
  • Preferred shampoo/conditioner
  • Moisturizing mixture/spray/essential oils
  • Cup
  • Towel.

You have the option of washing in the shower or, as Ashley calls it, a dry wash where you stand in the tub but aren’t really showering. Either way you will need to towel dry your braids and allow them to hang down to try.


  1.  Fill the spray bottle about 90% with water and top off with your shampoo. Spray your scalp well (not so it is soaking but enough so that you can get some bubbles to form).
  2. Once you have maneuvered through the braids and have gotten your scalp covered, take your fingertips and gently massage to lather your scalp. This will help remove the flakes and oils.
  3. Rinse thoroughly using your cup, or removable shower head if you have one.
  4. When you have completely rinsed out the shampoo repeat this process with the conditioner. We recommend using a little more water with just a touch of conditioner to make it easier to be assured you have gotten as much rinsed out as possible.
  5. After you feel confident that you have gotten all of the conditioner out, use your moisturizing spray, essential oils, etc. Use your moisturizing technique before you towel dry; this will allow your scalp to absorb the oils better.
  6. By now your braids will feel extremely heavy! DO NOT FRET!!! Towel dry from root to tip until the excess water is gone. Then, let your braids hang free for about two hours; or until they feel light and dry again. At this point you are ready to style to your desired look!


Washing corn rows is not always recommended due to the hair being braided right to the scalp. If you find you are having a lot of oil and flake build up, or if you just feel like you need to wash your hair, here are some helpful tips:

  • Wet your hair with cool/warm water. Hot water may cause extra frizz that you don’t want.
  • Take your water and shampoo mixture and spray your braids; DO NOT completely soak them! Spray just enough so they get wet. Take your hand and gently pat your braids to help release the oils and flake build up.
  • For the visible scalp in between your braids, take your finger and gently rub to get any excess build up.
  • Try your best to not dig at your cornrows as this will cause them to loosen. Rinse thoroughly, even pressing down on your cornrows to squeeze excess water out.
  • DO NOT RUB THEM!!! This will cause frizz and an untidy look.
  • If you would like, repeat this process with your water and conditioner mix.
  • REMEMBER to always rinse thoroughly as to not have excess residue build up!
  • Once you have finished rinsing, apply your moisturizer and press dry with a towel.
  • Avoid rubbing your braids with a towel at all costs!


When it comes to having a fresh new head of braids, we all want to do our best to keep them pretty and the ‘fly aways’ (lose frizzy hairs) down. Each individual will find a way that works best for them and how they prefer to sleep.

We recommend ALWAYS covering braids for sleep. Whether you use a bandana, scarf, cut up panty hose, or hair wraps; it is always best to use something! A non-absorbent fabric will work best to prevent the fabric from leaching moisture from the hair and causing any additional dryness. If you choose, you can twist your braids into a bun to help keep them out of your way or you can just let them hang loose.

We also recommend moisturizing before you wrap them at night.

There is no right or wrong way to wrap or tie your braids up for the night. You just have to find what works best for you!