How can I round off/blunt the tips of my dreadlocks at home?

There are a few different ways to attempt this at home.

The first and least invasive way to do it (folks that aren’t really into using tools can use this method, but it does require a lot of patience!) is to simply take the end of your dreadlock and rub the end of it around in circles in your palm. (See photo below.) Also, you can try folding the loose wispy end up onto the dreadlock and palm rolling. However, as mentioned, these methods tend to take a long time to achieve the results most folks are looking for, but with patience it does work!


If you’re looking for something that will get you results a little faster than palm rubbing you can use a latch hook (or you can use a needle and thread to do the same technique if you prefer that!). However, this and any technique will require touching up and maintenance before your locks stay blunted on their own completely. Check out this video Amy made to learn how to use this technique:

Finally, you can also use crochet to blunt your ends. Check out this video from YouTube to learn that technique: