Loosening COVID Restrictions!

We’ve officially been living through the apocalypse for 2 years now. If history has anything to say about the way pandemics generally pan out, we are more likely than not on the up and up with this crazy experience we’ve all gone through. Now that the weather is beginning to warm to Spring I am finally starting to feel comfortable lifting some of the restrictions I’ve been placing, confident that we’re on the up and up! So, here’s the CURRENT, NEW policies/appointment arrival procedure:

Use a Public Restroom Before Arrival

There is NO BATHROOM in the studio as it is simply a retro-fitted and re-finished shed. Clients who need to use the bathroom will always be allowed inside, but I like to avoid having folks in my home. Plus I have a small dog who’s a complete asshole and barks incessantly at anything that moves. (She’s not mean… just excited to see you and doesn’t know how to make friends. LOL) If you are able to use a public restroom before your visit that’s always ideal.

Follow My Parking Directions

In your 2-day email there are specific instructions about parking. Here it is again just in case:

“Follow [the street I am located on] then take a right onto [the street just before my house], and turn into the driveway on your immediate left. (We keep it open special for YOU!) That is [my location] and the dreadlock studio is the small structure straight ahead of where you are parked.”

(NOTE: street names and number are, of course, included in your email) If you arrive and the driveway is still occupied, please park on the side of the road ON MY PROPERTY, not across the street. The neighbor there is (still) kind of a jerk. :-/

Stay In Your Car Until I Get You!

The studio is just big enough for my work, but if there are too many people it can get a bit crowded! The time in between appointments is often spent by me finishing up with the previous person (booking their next appointment, taking payment, etc) PLUS I will still be disinfecting all non-porous surfaces used during a service in between each client and staying in your car helps make sure I have the time to turn-over my work space! Previously I was also using my trip to collect you to take the temperature of every client, but I am comfortable letting this become a thing of the past. However, I still ask you stay in your car until I come get you, pretty please!

Masks Optional.

While I will still be wearing a mask (because honestly why haven’t I always with how close I have to stand to you?!) masks will now be OPTIONAL for clients. Wear one if it makes you more comfortable. I will wear one either way. ^_^



As I previously mentioned as far as what I’m doing to continue to minimize risk both to myself and my clients, I will still be disinfecting the space between each client using hospital-grade disinfectants. As always, all tools are disinfected after each client as is the standard in any salon and single-use items such as headrest and tray covers will be used where applicable to minized the spread of contaminants as well.

I still have my air filtration “system” that it supposed to help filter the air of toxins, bacteria, and viruses. (According to Amazon, anyway.) And, of course, as much as is comfortable and possible I will have windows opened along with the door on warm days to encourage the circulation and ventilation of fresh air as much as possible.


And just a little reminder that vaping is not allowed in the studio. The secondhand effects of vaping are still unclear and my kiddos come in and out a lot and I want to make sure their little lungs are safe!

That all said, I look forward to seeing you all soon!


~ Avani