Twists (Single/Comb, Double, and Three-Strand)*


Twisted dreadlocks are really only suitable to kinky or coily hair types. Twists are very ineffectual for locking up mixed or Caucasian/silky hair types as this technique relies on the inherent wave/curl pattern of the hair to help it hold its shape. Even for kinky, afro-type hair I prefer other methods which are much sturdier and withstand the necessary care required to keep them clean and healthy.

Twists can either be 1, 2, or even 3 strands. Usually all that’s involved is sectioning the hair either before or during the dreading process and then separating that section into 2 or 3 strands (if desired) and using a comb or just your fingers to twist each strand as you twist the strands around one another. In kinky/afro-textured hair, it will lock up nicely and look super cool in the process.

Ultimately, though, no matter which method you choose, when dreads hit and 2 year mark they all start take on the smooth, matted appearance of mature dreadlocks. And, of course, just like every other method of dreading, using a residue-free shampoo (or homemade version) is a MUST to facilitate the locking process and prevent dread rot! For an explanation of the criteria for SAFE dreadlock shampoo(s) check out the page about shampoo & soaps and for general advice on washing dreadlocks check out the Washing page!


  • Looks super cool during the locking process.
  • Good for kinky/coily hair types.
  • May be a gentler dreading method for afro-textured hair that is prone to breakage.


  • Not suitable for mixed or Caucasian hair types.
  • Dreads are more delicate and much more prone to unraveling than other methods.
  • If a person has mixed hair, it may only work on SOME of your hair.