Raging Roots Studio

🧿Looking Ahead to 2024🧿

Earlier this year I officially changed my business name to Radiant Roots! To that end, I’ve also changed my business email to radiantrootsstudio@gmail.com -AND- I am working slowly on transitioning my website over to this domain name, too. In the meantime, in the year still ahead I’m looking forward to at least 1 – 2 … Read more

[[UPDATED!]] Appointment Arrival Procedures

Alright, you’ve scheduled your appointment, you’ve received your confirmation message, and now the day has come and you need to know what to do! Well, here it is: Use a Public Restroom Before Arrival. While I do have a restroom in my home, the studio is just a renovated (admittedly adorable) shed which does not have … Read more

Tooth Gems

Are you ready to level up your smile? Evolve into the best version of you with tooth gems! Give yourself that sparkling smile that everyone has always said you have — only this time it’ll REALLY be sparkly. Tooth gems are always 100% authentic Swarovski crystals OR 14/18K gold and are completely non-invasive. The tooth … Read more

I just got NEW locks/had my maintenance done and now I have tiny, itchy bumps all over my scalp!! What is it?? What do I do?!

Someone wearing latex gloves uses a magnifying glass to examine someone's scalp.

While this annoying and unfortunate development is incredibly inconvenient and unpleasant it is not altogether uncommon. This is something called “tension bumps”. The fancy, scientific name is “scalp folliculitis”. Any time that the scalp is “traumatized” such as being pulled into a protective hairstyle like braids or locks the hair follicles can become irritated. When … Read more

Loosening COVID Restrictions!

We’ve officially been living through the apocalypse for 2 years now. If history has anything to say about the way pandemics generally pan out, we are more likely than not on the up and up with this crazy experience we’ve all gone through. Now that the weather is beginning to warm to Spring I am … Read more

Appointment Arrival Procedure

Alright, you’ve scheduled your appointment, you’ve received your confirmation message, you’ve read about the Post-Quarantine Appointment Policies… now the day has come and you need to know what to do! Well, here it is: Take Your Temperature Before You Leave For Your Appointment! I’ll be doing it when you arrive, too, and if your temperature … Read more

Post-Quarantine Safety Policies

I know, super sexy title, right? But it’s super important that as we slowly start reopening after the pandemic close-downs that we do everything we can to be as safe as possible and avoid a resurgence of infections. Here’s what I am doing to make sure that the environment in which your hair is being … Read more

3/19/2020 – Coronavirus Update

PLEASE NOTE THAT EVEN IF YOU RECEIVE A CONFIRMATION EMAIL/TEXT THAT ALL APPOINTMENTS ARE POSTPONED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE!!!! I was just almost finished writing a lengthier-than-I-would-have-liked updated regarding virus and infection control precautions at the studio when I stumbled across this document that was released by Governor Lamont regarding coronavirus recommendations in the state of … Read more