Dreadlock Basics

Some of the most commonly asked questions when folks are first considering and researching dreadlocks…

Recommended Shampoo List

  I spend a significant amount of time answering DMs, in-person queries, and emails and one of the most common questions people ask is “Is —[insert product brand/name here]– good to use on dreads?” Well, I’ve put together a list of shampoos that I either think are good, bad, OR we’re undecided on. The “undecided” list … Read more

What is the difference between dreadlocks that are “locked” and dreadlocks that are “mature”?

Within the dreadlock community there is a lot of terminology that is sometimes thrown around and not a whole lot out there to clarify what exactly that terminology means! “Locked” is a term used to describe a dreadlock or set of dreadlocks that are completely knotted with few to no sections of loose, undreaded hair. … Read more

I can’t afford to come in and get my locks worked on by you guys. Can I just come in to have you show me how to do it myself?

We do offer some workshops that help teach folks how to do some home maintenance techniques, but our Dreadlock Education section of the website has a HUGE database of information dedicated especially to folks who are looking to dread their hair, or maintain the dreads they already have at home. We highly encourage all our … Read more

When can I start adding hair wraps and/or beads to my dreadlocks?

The good news for those of you just itching to accessorize your new locks is that there is NO wait! But, there is a trick to making sure you’re wearing them the “right” way to make sure that you don’t unintentionally cause any damage to your dreads! Before I explain to you the “right” way, … Read more

Is it better to have my ends loose and wispy OR rounded and blunted?

Neither is inherently better or worse than the other. Ultimately it comes down to a matter of personal, aesthetic preference. Many folks believe (correctly) that having loose, wispy ends help facilitate faster, more efficient drying time after washing. However, as long as you are using the right products in  your locks, this shouldn’t be a … Read more

Should I cover my dreadlocks when I sleep at night?

This is question that we have puzzled over for years to come to a conclusion that we feel comfortable sharing here and the general answer is: YES. However, it’s not a step that we would call absolutely necessary to your dreadlock journey, but it can help things along nicely if it’s one you choose to … Read more

Is it true that people with dreadlocks are more likely to get lice/bugs?

NO!!! Honestly, we’re not exactly sure where this myth comes from. Our best guess it that people are associating lice with uncleanliness; another myth about dreadlocks. (We promise that dreadlocks absolutely SHOULD be washed and cleaned regularly!) In fact, if anything, dreadheads are LESS likely to get lice due to the fact that we generally … Read more

I work out regularly and I get pretty sweaty! What can I do between washes to keep my scalp and my locks fresh?

As mentioned on the page about Washing, you should only wash your locks 1 – 2x per week. If you’re someone who is really active, it can be really challenging to limit yourself to so relatively little when you are sweaty and feeling a bit gross! The first thing you’ll want to invest in is … Read more

What about going swimming in pools/the ocean/fresh water? Can I get my dreads wet?

In an ideal world you would try to hold off on getting your hair wet except for days when you are planning (or might plan to) wash your locks anyway so they aren’t getting wet an excessive number of times. (That is you go swimming, and then go rinse/wash your hair afterwards right away.) Washing after … Read more

How to Care for “Partial” Dreadlocks

Even if you only have one dread, you need to at the very least keep them CLEAN and keep them SEPARATE! Dreadlocks, whether you have one or one hundred, always have a tendency to want to “eat”/suck in any loose hair around them. Unless you want to end up with mega-dreads you need to regularly run your fingers through your hair around the dreads to make sure none of the hair you want left loose is getting tangled into the locks.